About Favor the Bold

Favor the Bold is a blog for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are ready to be seen.

Because the fact is, the most successful business aren't neutral-- they clearly and boldly communicate who they are and what they stand for.

Which is where I come in.

My blog helps creative entrepreneurs attract their ideal clients by creating brands and messages that can't be ignored.

Because when it comes to brands and messages, I know a thing or two.

My résumé includes over a decade of experience in communications and branding, from my start at a boutique PR agency in NYC, to leading European communications and marketing for a Fortune 50 company, to running my own communications consultancy.

I've handled crisis communications for a multinational corporation, written copy for international campaigns and secured national and international media attention for my PR clients.

I left the corporate world, partly because I got sick of wearing pencil skirts, but mostly because I want to use my expertise to help purpose-driven businesses and organizations shake up the status quo and do something good in this crazy-ass world. 

My clients are based around the globe. They range from non-profits to corporations, from start-ups to universities.

The one thing they all have in common? A drive to solve the problems of tomorrow, today. 

Sound like you?  Check out my consulting company, Elissa Bertot Communications. (I know, I'm so original...)

About Elissa Bertot 

That'd be me.

Writing about yourself is the weirdest, so I've created a list to hide behind. Behold:

12 Ways I've Favored the Bold

Elissa Bertot_Favor the Bold Communications
  1. Moved to France as a 19-year-old exchange student from Missouri.

  2. Quit college (much to my dad's dismay) to stay in France for a guy, and funded my decision by working as a nanny, an English teacher and a marketing consultant, without any real experience (or a work permit, but let's not tell the French authorities that.) 

  3. Moved to Bermuda (after eventually going back to school for my communications degree) and waitressed at a restaurant where my uniform included a polyester tie. I lasted less than a year. 

  4. Moved to New York City where I knew no one and had nothing but a suitcase, an interview for an unpaid internship and a room I found on Craigslist in an apartment with two men: one who lived on the couch and one who had S&M harnesses hanging from his bedroom ceiling. 

  5. Worked my way up in a boutique PR firm (while working two other jobs and 80-hour weeks because my entry-level PR salary barely covered my rent.)

  6. Got married on a whim in a 45-second ceremony in the New York City courthouse. My new husband flew back to Bermuda the next day.

  7. Moved from NYC to a village in Switzerland with no job, no plan and a whole lot of trust in my husband that we’d figure it out. Spoiler alert: we did.

  8. Quit my 6-figure corporate communications job to backpack around the world for a year. Visited far-off places like Easter Island and Myanmar, ate incredible street food in Southeast Asia and South America, worked in an undeveloped Cambodian island paradise for a month and appeared on the front page of a magazine with no clothes on. I also got food poisoning more times than I can count, but that’s neither here nor there.

  9. Randomly hiked 300 miles across southern France. That has nothing to do with anything, but I think it makes me sound like a badass, so it's staying.

  10. Went back to my corporate job only to become consumed with the soul-deadening boredom that comes from doing something you hate for a living.

  11. Quit my job (again) to start Favor the Bold and finally make a living doing the work I love while helping others do the same.

  12. Pivoted from working with creative entrepreneurs to consulting for purpose-driven organizations through my communications company, Elissa Bertot Communications.

You can also find me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, but since there's nothing bold about a social media addiction, that didn't make the list. 

You should definitely come hang out with me though-- mainly because connecting with other  entrepreneurs makes me jump up and fist-bump the sky, 80's movie-ending style. And you don't want to miss that.