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Communications consulting, branding strategy and copywriting that show your value and help you get more clients. 

"Elissa really just 'got it' straight away. Her excellent advice and top-quality services saved me endless hours of headache and mediocrity."

Johdi Woodford ¦ Little Bird Pilates

If there's one thing I know after a decade of working in communications, it's how to turn ideas into words that get noticed. 

And my passion?

Helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs shake up the status quo and make a living doing the work they love by creating bold communications that attract more— and better— clients.

So, you bring the creativity, I'll turn it into a strategy. You envision the grand plan, I'll help you create a plan of action. You bring the ideas, I'll turn them into words that make your business stand out and make an impact. 

Let's go.



You know you have something great to offer, but you just can't seem to get enough people willing to pay for it.
Sounds like you need help positioning your business and selling what you do.

What you say and how you say it can determine whether clients open up their wallets, or click away after the first paragraph-- 
so let's make sure they stick around, shall we?

Your business positioning strategy sessions start with a full audit of your existing communications, where I'll give you objective, professional feedback and help you identify the areas that need the most attention. Then, in our phone or video sessions, we'll work to position your business to attract more--and better--clients, and together we'll craft a strategy to reach them

By the end of our sessions, you'll have a stronger brand, targeted positioning and a clear value proposition so you can sell what you offer with confidence.

Contact me for pricing. Multi-session packages start at $497.

"Elissa helped me get out of my own head and organize my ideas so I could communicate more clearly about what I offer."

Geraldine Finan ¦ Ubuntu Solutions, Switzerland


You need compelling written communications to show the value of what you do, but you're struggling to find the right words to get noticed and set your business apart from the competition.

You could spend hours staring at your computer screen, writing and rewriting the same sentence over and over again.

Or you can use your valuable time making money, not typos, by getting my content creation and copywriting services for written content like webpages, proposals, handouts, bios, etc.

Editing services start at $97/page. Copywriting starts at $240/ page.
Contact me for a proposal. 

"Elissa went beyond just writing our brochures: her expertise and ideas helped co-create our value proposition, identify our differentiators and focus our message-- creating an overall structure for our communications."

Wim Van Roose ¦ BeWell Innovation


You've worked hard to create a purposeful, successful business-- and changing it can be scary. Maybe you're shifting directions, or changing ownership, or refocusing your business model.
And you want to protect your brand throughout the process.

I can help.

Using my experience in change and crisis communications, we'll create a strategy and messaging to communicate about the change in your business-- to clients, employees, suppliers, whoever-- in a way that reassures your stakeholders, protects your brand and ensures business continuity. 

Contact me for a proposal.

"It was so reassuring to have an expert we trusted with our messaging during a big transition, as well as an outside perspective and voice of kind calmness who helped us take distance from the situation and process it more clearly."

Beth Snyder ¦ 1Canoe2

Know you need some help, but not sure which option is best for you?