Does your business feel... ignorable?

You know what you do adds value,
but you're not attracting enough people willing to pay for it.

You feel like you're doing everything you're supposed to--
social media, blogging, going to networking events.

But nothing's working.

You're still struggling to get the kinds of clients you want: those who value what you offer and can actually afford it.

So you read blogs about copywriting. You listen to podcasts about finding your niche. You try out so many different writing voices that your blog sounds schizophrenic.

The problem? Those are just tactics-- and unless you have a strong brand, they're useless.

You need to take a step back. Take some distance. Go back to the foundation.

Because until you can articulate who you are, who you're for and what value you add, no webinar on writing a sales page is going to save you. 

You have work to do.

But you don't have to do it alone. 

I'm sharing the exact method I use with clients, from start to finish, to help you sell what you do in a way that's both effective and authentic. And I'm doing it for an embarrassingly low price.


Because my mission is to help creative entrepreneurs shake up the status quo and make a living doing the work they love-- and most of them aren't rolling in dough (yet).

Since I believe the most successful brands are unapologetic about who they are and what they stand for, I want every creative entrepreneur to have access to the tools they need to do just that--setting your business up for success.

That's why I've created The Complete Guide to Selling Yourself-- without sounding salesy, a step-by-step guide that will help you position your brand and explain what you do to get more--and better-- clients. 


*  25 pages of prompts, exercises, hints and tips to help you define and articulate your value, including:

Who you are and who you’re for
      -What you do and what they get
      -Why you do it and why they need it
      -How you stand out from your competition and get clients

*  A step-by-step guide to creating an effective, authentic sales pitch

*  The theory behind what makes a strong brand so that you can understand how to create one

*  A user-friendly design that can be printed or filled out electronically so that you can work your way

*  Immediate electronic delivery so you can get started right away

Stop wasting your time and money on tactics-- and start getting the kinds of clients you actually want to work with. 

Whether you're just getting started or you've been in business for awhile and need a brand refresh, this step-by-step guide will give you the brand clarity and focus you need to get noticed and hired.

And before you start talking yourself out of it...

Your investment for being able to clearly communicate what you do and articulate your value is only $27.

Yep, $27. 

For the price of a cheap H&M shirt, you can create a clear, compelling message that tells potential clients what you do-- and makes them want it. 

So are you ready?

Ready for your business to make a statement that can't be ignored? Ready to create a brand that attracts your ideal clients so you can make a living doing the work you love? 

The Complete Guide to Selling Yourself-- without sounding salesy is available to you for immediate download.