Giving back

The "Why"

Favor the Bold helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs like you confidently and authentically sell what you do, so you can make a living doing the work you love.

But that's not the only reason I do this work.

My purpose-- the reason I started this business, even if I didn't know it at the time-- is this:

To help smart women with big ideas be heard.

Why women?

Because let's be honest: in general, women have a harder time than men making their voices heard.
A lifetime of being socialized not to be “bossy” or “pushy” has made us believe that the polite thing to do is give people an opportunity to ignore us.
We have a harder time owning our expertise. We struggle to show our value. We hate the idea of "selling ourselves."

And that's a damn shame.

Because women-- smart women with big ideas-- can change the world.

They just need to be heard.


That's why I donate 10% of all profits from Favor the Bold to these organizations that support women. 


There are smart women with big ideas all over the world-- but many of them can't afford to turn their ideas into a business. I donate loans to women entrepreneurs in developing countries through Kiva, an international microfinancing non-profit. When a loan is paid back, I reinvest to support a new borrower and continuously add funds to my donation.


CARE's mission goes beyond women's rights to include disaster relief and global development, but I donate to their programs for women empowerment. I give small, targeted donations for specific projects, like educating girls, providing women with loans and working to end violence against women. Every client I work with gets a donation made in their name. 

Planned Parenthood

I know this one's controversial, but I'm ok with that. My belief in a woman's right to make her own reproductive choices and have access to safe, affordable health care is far more important than my fear of losing potential clients. If that turns you off, feel free to take your money elsewhere-- I'll be taking mine to Planned Parenthood.

To learn more or get involved, contact me.