Brand Story Starter Package

Strategic messaging and brand voice development

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business awhile, you know it’s essential to show the value of what you do if you want to get clients.

The problem? That’s waaaay easier said than done.

The secret to effortlessly selling your services starts with creating the right offer for the right audience-- and that starts with how you position your business.

With this starter package," you’ll get access to a professional sparring partner (that’s me!) to help you get clear on your business’s messaging and voice so you can attract your ideal clients.

I call it "DIY with hand-holding": a combination of strategy calls and DIY homework to create a Brand Story strategy that positions your business. Together, we’ll identify what sets your business apart from your competition, what value you add and how to communicate it.

When we’re done, you’ll have a complete brand messaging strategy-- and will feel confident knowing exactly how to articulate the value of what you do so you can get more clients willing to pay for it.

The Package

With the month-long Brand Story Starter package, you’ll get a proven process for uncovering your brand’s voice, and creating messaging that attracts your ideal clients.

3 hours of brand strategy calls to craft your brand messaging and voice
  • 90-minute deep-dive strategy session to develop your brand strategy, position your business and start your messaging 
  • 60-minute check-in strategy session to work through sticking points and get feedback on your progress
  • 30-minute check-in session at the end of the month to answer your questions, troubleshoot any challenges, explore next steps and celebrate your new Brand Story Strategy!
A comprehensive DIY Brand Story Strategy for you to fill in and get feedback on as we go.

This complete messaging brand guide will be a document you can refer back to long after our work together-- or hand off to a copywriter once you’re ready to start using your shiny new messaging! It includes:

  • 26 pages of prompts, exercises and advice about positioning your brand and crafting your message, so you can keep the ideas flowing between the strategy calls.
  • A Brand Voice Guide to keep your communications consistent and on-brand.
  • A step-by-step guide to creating key messaging elements, like your value proposition, sales pitch and tagline.
Unlimited feedback and support by email and Voxer.

You have an entire month to get the help you need, when you need it. It's like having an in-house brand strategist-- only way cheaper!

How it Works

  1. Before we even start, I’ll send you a customized questionnaire that will uncover exactly what you want from the process: your goals, vision and deepest branding desires (you know you have them!) The questionnaire will also give me the info I need to make sure we’re optimizing the hell out of our first call together.

  2. The project officially kicks off with a 90-minute intensive strategy session. We’ll jump on a video call and deep dive into your business and brand. We’ll look at what makes you stand out from the competition, do a complete voice and messaging assessment and start crafting a brand story that feels like you-- only cooler. 

  3. After the call (and throughout the entire project), we’ll be in touch by email and Voxer (a voice messaging app I love.) Between calls, you'll use what we discussed in our first call to fill in your Brand Story Strategy

  4. Two-weeks into the project, we’ll have a 60-minute check-in strategy session so you can get feedback on your brand messaging so far. We'll work through anything you're struggling with so you can implement your new brand strategy with confidence.

  5. At the end of the 4 weeks, we’ll jump on the phone one last time for a 30-minute wrap-up call to finalize your messaging and work through any last questions. When we're done, you’ll have a finalized Brand Messaging Strategy, a clear idea of how to talk and write about what you do and confidence that your messaging is doing its job to attract your ideal clients. 

Who it's for:

  • Service-based businesses and entrepreneurs (think: coaches, instructors, teachers, designers, marketers, etc.) who are creating a new brand or refocusing/ revamping an existing brand. 
  • DIY biz bosses who've done their branding themselves and know they need some professional feedback and support to attract more clients.
  • You, if you know you need strong branding and messaging (but know you're not hitting the mark!)

Who the Web Copy & Messaging Audit is NOT for:

  • People who don't think they need a brand, or who think their offering should sell itself.
  • MLM, franchises or re-sellers who are not building a personal brand.
  • People who aren't willing to do the deep, brand soul-searching work that business positioning requires.

Your investment: $690

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